The myth of beauty
{ 3: am thoughts }}∆¶√

There is no myth of beauty. Because beauty doesn’t exist. Beauty is a callous term adopted by humans, a mirage. idealistic, yet impossible. True beauty lies within us. The whole facade of beauty that humans refer to is just that : a facade, a mask, hiding vulnerability, true thoughts and emotions . The constant need to gain approval of society. Beauty, in this day and age, isn’t internal.Beauty is the magazine covers, the endless diets, skinny thighs,flat stomach, Just PERFECT. But there is no perfect, there’s only you. And no one is, and will ever be perfect.

Beauty will never have just one defenition. Beauty is so many different things, so many different people. Society looks down upon us for wanting to be its definition of ‘flawless’ when they are the ones who impose it. I see humans, but no humanity.

You are beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.imperfect, because that’s what beauty is ; imperfection. Beauty is the confidence you display, your strengths, failures, and weaknesses.

This. this, this is beauty.

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