I was at my funeral today
saw the the casket
saw the puzzled frowns
of the onlookers
her eyes still follow me
her voice,
laced with malice,
whispers doubt and uncertainties.
They say rest in peace,
but will she ever?
They say rest in peace,
but she’s not ready to go,
they say rest in peace as I
put on a show.
I wear a mask
it’s amusing how
broken vows can be laughed
And they murmer their sorrow,
with downcast eyes
they wipe their fake tears,
smile their fake smiles,
and they turn their backs,
walk away
take your rose tinted glasses off
see the world
in its horror.
and its the two of us.
Her hold on me,
as light as a feather
her life is my tether
I let her in again;
begin her mind games again;
push herself away from everyone

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