Alive corpses,
breathing poison,
you committed,
your birth is your crime
same blood
different faces
same thoughts
different races
blue eyes fair skin
don’t know how long its been
since you saw the sky without it’s horizon of blood.
Hold back despair, maybe there’s hope
hunger gnaws, hands hold throat
to end it all, but something says
hold on, hold on.
each day a piece of you dies,
fair skin, blue eyes,
another one killed on sight,
and now a child, barely four,
killed before he can
blue eyes, fair skin,
stay as far away as you can from them,
blue eyes, feigned kindness,
manacles hold me,
your words bind me,
think i killed myself today,
saw the knife, drew the blade,
but here i am again,
same old life, same old place,
still alive, not for long
forced to march to deaths song
threatened, tortured, spat upon,
live to survive, what’s the point?
crooked nose, dangerous brown eyes,
you’re a Jew.
shame on

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