Her wide eyes,
framed with dark lashes
A straight face,
thin lips,
a long nose,
a haughty expression.
Hair black as raven,
skin a light brown,
her eyebrows forming a small frown.
A careless look.
Proud and happy.
But if you look carefully,
her eyes dart,
slowly nervously.
her hands form fists.
Her arms are sweaty,
Face heavy,
with exhaustion.
I know who she is, I know all too well.
I know all about her.
Her secrets.
Her lies.
Her dreams,
Her nightmares.
Why wouldn’t I? wouldn’t you?
of course I do. I should.
when I look into the mirror, that’s what I see.
That little scared girl,
That is me

A walk in the rain

the leaves rustle,
as the wind blows
the drops fall slowly, pitter-pat, pitter-pat,
and then all at once.

The sky is not visible anymore,
shrouded by grey clouds.
the wind is furious,
it howls and whistles.

thunder and lightning,
flash across the sky,
a bird flies away in terror,
flapping its wings uselessly,
against the merciless rain..

the sky is now,
a dull, melancholy grey,
and the drop falls slowly, pitter-pat, pitter-pat,
slowly and then stop.

path to freedom

We carved a path to freedom,
the bricks made out of hopes and dreams,
slowly tearing at the seams

We cried tears,
that were not ours,
we trudged on,
On the path that we never made.

we broke trust,
Our will was never our own.

But we walked on,
head held high,
tied together, the frayed edges.

we connected with strangers,
we sacrifice our life,
for them, and for our loved ones,
there is no difference.
We carry a mark,
inside our hearts,
a wound so deep,
that we will never,
be able to see our country free.