stuck in yesterday
Pointless wandering
Pointless pondering
Endlessly repeating
Same conversation
The same feeling of endless crushing disappointment as
Another one walks away.
The stars burn your eyes
All beauty is pain
Open up to people who
Take me for granted
Open up to people who waste
Second chances
toxic friends,
Meeting toxic ends,
Trust blindy
Pay later
Look ahead,
But the past pulls me towards it again.
Your words cut me
Your smile heals me
Even though I know you don’t mean it
I know, but I’ll still believe it.
Same path
Over and over
Same mistakes
Over and over
And I tell myself I won’t be doing this
It’s a new start
A new day
Tell myself
“Stay far away”
and here I am back
In the same old place

The ocean

The cool, calm water,
The coruscating sun.
The sound of the mighty waves
The cloudless sky,
And if you look closely, the hidden beauty you will spy.
The alluring blue,
The cry of the seagulls,
Almost like a painting,
Pure pleasure,
like a golden treasure.
Tempting and stunning,
Robust and aweing
Strong, yet gentle
Calm, yet makes you tremble
Ever-changing, ever-lasting,
The ocean.