`I had a dream,
Oh, what a wonderful dream,
I dreamed I was wearing a dress of fine silk,
A crown sat upon my head, Its jewels sparkling,
In darkness.
I dreamed of a banquet hall,
A feast lay before me,
thousands of chairs,
lined up against tables,
the color of white oak.
But no one sat beside me.
I saw a garden, full of flowers,
It stretched out for miles and miles.
But they were all grey and dry.
I dreamed of rooms,
Thousands of rooms,
with handsome brown doors,
and soft,warm beds,
but only one had a rumpled duvet.
My castle was big,
My riches plenty,
But my footsteps were lonely.
They say,
Dreams reflect

The ocean

The cool, calm water,
The coruscating sun.
The sound of the mighty waves
The cloudless sky,
And if you look closely, the hidden beauty you will spy.
The alluring blue,
The cry of the seagulls,
Almost like a painting,
Pure pleasure,
like a golden treasure.
Tempting and stunning,
Robust and aweing
Strong, yet gentle
Calm, yet makes you tremble
Ever-changing, ever-lasting,
The ocean.