The sun comes out from behind the clouds,

Chasing away the night.

The sky is alive with colors,

Due to the sun’s powerful light.

The moon and the stars blink out

One by one they go

The Himalayas appear,

Strong and proud they stand,

Covered in clean, fresh snow.

The birds are chirping,

The water is playing

The wind is humming,

The trees are swaying.

And night takes over once again,

As the darkness slowly creeps back,

The sun is back in the shadows, once more,

But vows,

To always return.


Hey:) so you found my ‘blog’. I created this quite a long time back, but only thought to use it now, during the vacations.

I love to read and write. I can write and pages and pages without stopping. I express myself better through poems and stories than I do when I talk. Whenever I’m sad, angry, upset, or just really really happy, I write it down. Writing is a remedy for me. It’s intuitive. It comes easily, naturally. You can’t force it out. It just……happens. The words come to me, the feelings. When I write, I  try to make it as ‘real’ as possible. I try to understand my characters , their qualities, their mistakes, their fears.When I have a pen and paper in my hand, I feel like I can  conquer the world. In this blog, I upload my poems, my stories and an occasional book review, every Sunday. Please leave comments, or your opinions on  what I could do to make it better!


~ T