The myth of beauty
{ 3: am thoughts }}∆¶√

There is no myth of beauty. Because beauty doesn’t exist. Beauty is a callous term adopted by humans, a mirage. idealistic, yet impossible. True beauty lies within us. The whole facade of beauty that humans refer to is just that : a facade, a mask, hiding vulnerability, true thoughts and emotions . The constant need to gain approval of society. Beauty, in this day and age, isn’t internal.Beauty is the magazine covers, the endless diets, skinny thighs,flat stomach, Just PERFECT. But there is no perfect, there’s only you. And no one is, and will ever be perfect.

Beauty will never have just one defenition. Beauty is so many different things, so many different people. Society looks down upon us for wanting to be its definition of ‘flawless’ when they are the ones who impose it. I see humans, but no humanity.

You are beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.imperfect, because that’s what beauty is ; imperfection. Beauty is the confidence you display, your strengths, failures, and weaknesses.

This. this, this is beauty.

I was at my funeral today
saw the the casket
saw the puzzled frowns
of the onlookers
her eyes still follow me
her voice,
laced with malice,
whispers doubt and uncertainties.
They say rest in peace,
but will she ever?
They say rest in peace,
but she’s not ready to go,
they say rest in peace as I
put on a show.
I wear a mask
it’s amusing how
broken vows can be laughed
And they murmer their sorrow,
with downcast eyes
they wipe their fake tears,
smile their fake smiles,
and they turn their backs,
walk away
take your rose tinted glasses off
see the world
in its horror.
and its the two of us.
Her hold on me,
as light as a feather
her life is my tether
I let her in again;
begin her mind games again;
push herself away from everyone


Alive corpses,
breathing poison,
you committed,
your birth is your crime
same blood
different faces
same thoughts
different races
blue eyes fair skin
don’t know how long its been
since you saw the sky without it’s horizon of blood.
Hold back despair, maybe there’s hope
hunger gnaws, hands hold throat
to end it all, but something says
hold on, hold on.
each day a piece of you dies,
fair skin, blue eyes,
another one killed on sight,
and now a child, barely four,
killed before he can
blue eyes, fair skin,
stay as far away as you can from them,
blue eyes, feigned kindness,
manacles hold me,
your words bind me,
think i killed myself today,
saw the knife, drew the blade,
but here i am again,
same old life, same old place,
still alive, not for long
forced to march to deaths song
threatened, tortured, spat upon,
live to survive, what’s the point?
crooked nose, dangerous brown eyes,
you’re a Jew.
shame on

Fake friends

she said she wouldn’t leave me alone,
my other half.
She said she would stand by me
my other half.
Listen to the thoughts and feelings bottled up inside me,
my other half.
Never let the darkness swallow me,
my other half.
Walked away and left me drowning
my other half

Her wide eyes,
framed with dark lashes
A straight face,
thin lips,
a long nose,
a haughty expression.
Hair black as raven,
skin a light brown,
her eyebrows forming a small frown.
A careless look.
Proud and happy.
But if you look carefully,
her eyes dart,
slowly nervously.
her hands form fists.
Her arms are sweaty,
Face heavy,
with exhaustion.
I know who she is, I know all too well.
I know all about her.
Her secrets.
Her lies.
Her dreams,
Her nightmares.
Why wouldn’t I? wouldn’t you?
of course I do. I should.
when I look into the mirror, that’s what I see.
That little scared girl,
That is me